Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Whales and a New Project

I bought this quilt kit  awhile back and it has been on my to do list . It is called  " LET'S GO SEW " by Pat Sloan. I have sewn the background together, and have cut out all of my appliqué pieces except for the green vines. I am hoping to get these appliqué pieces all ironed on so that I can machine appliqué it. When I first saw this quilt it was love at first sight.   I have plans of hanging this in my sewing room :-D

I want  to thank everyone for your suggestions on finishing the mouth and eyes for these whales on the baby quilt I made .
I was able to do a backstitch on the mouths  ( found a tutorial online ) and my dear friend came over to do the eyes for me

We celebrated hubby's birthday last week and I just had to share with you this cute card my girlfriend made for him. It is SO perfect for him.  Hubby is not happy if he is not playing with his firewood and he is always in charge of campfires when we go camping



  1. I love your whale quilt. It's such a happy quilt ! :)

  2. The mouths on those whales are perfect! Well done!

  3. Yay! Those little whales look very happy! That little sewing machine is cute too...wouldn't it be fun if real sewing machines were that cute? Of course that would make it even more difficult to decide which one to buy!
    That little Pyro Beaver card is adorable! I have a person or two who shares your hubbys...affliction?????

  4. Your whale quilt is just darling! And what an adorable card. Perfect for your "fire guy."

  5. The whales are super cute with their happy smiles. Somebody's very talented making cards.