Sunday, April 12, 2015

Making baby Quilts

I finished  2 more baby quilts this last week .

Just a small one and the sailboats is going to be the backing fabric .

The fabric I used was SPLASH by Timeless Treasures.

 We are Big  San Francisco Giants fans  so I made this cute fleece baby blanket and just look at this cute Giants  Bib and shoes set I found to go with it .

Happy Sewing ....



  1. The Splash fabric is cute! Makes a nice baby quilt.

  2. I saw two wallart pieces at Target yesterday and thought of you! They both looked like wood and were a little primitive. A blue whale and an anchor. They were cute!

  3. I love that first little baby quilt ... what block is that? And even though I'm a Cardinals fan, I'm loving that Giants-themed blanket with shoes and bib.

  4. Super cute fabrics for the baby quilt. You chose a pattern that shows it off.

  5. Beautiful baby quilt and really adorable Giants blanket and baby bib & shoe set!

  6. I love your baby quilt! I especially love that it proves you don't have to necessarily use "Juvenal" fabrics..