Monday, January 2, 2012

First Finish for 2012 2 Pepperment Pinwheels quilts & Mug Rug....

After posting my progress on my Pinwheel Quilts last night I continued sewing and finished the borders on the mini quilt & mug rug . These will be ready for Christmas 2012 . The table topper will go on my kitchen table , the mini quilt will go in the sleigh and of course the mug mug by my computer to use for my morning coffee :-D


  1. These are precious! I love pinwheels, but they are especially fun in red and white! Good start to the new year.

  2. Great end for 2011 and start for 2012 Sue! Now your are set for a great year of quilting. Went through your file of finished quilts in 2011, love the Hot Cross Buns quilt. All of your quilts are gorgeous. Well done.
    Looking forward to being inspired by your 2012 quilts.
    Quilty New Year! Jo

  3. Beautiful pinwheel quilts Sue.
    What an awesome start to 2012!
    I am very excited to follow your quilting journey this year.
    You're quilts in 2011 were all Magnificent!

  4. I love your peppermint pinwheels...