Monday, June 16, 2014

Black Velvet is a finish !

Hi !

I finished the binding and quilt sleeve on this quilt a couple of weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting it.  Love how this quilt came out !

Been very busy  last week !  Smoky our kitty came down ill  she kept getting sick , not eating or drinking & became lethargic so after 3 trips to the vet we found out that her blood work was good but that she was VERY constipated !  The first thing they asked was if I did any sewing ?  They were afraid she may have eaten some of the threads on the floor.  The X-ray  showed hair ( she is a persian ) and grass .  So after a enema she was finally feeling better  Sunday :-D   We are so relieved that she is feeling better !

I now vacuum my sewing room after sewing .

Also my Dell computer crashed and went to heaven :-(     So I ordered a new apple I mac desktop and may I say I am very happy :-D  I have been busy trying to add my bookmarks and learning new things . This morning I learned how to add pictures to my documents and post on my blog  Yeahhhhh!

I will post some pictures of my garden  later this week ,  I recovered the cushions for the patio set and have planted a few new things.



  1. Your quilt is stunning and so beautifully quilted!

  2. Yep! Still lovin' that quilt! Do you still have my address so that you can ship it up to me? Gotta watch those little furkids of ours...they manage to get themselves is such trouble! I'm so glad your little girl is feeling better! Congrats on the new daughter loves for Dell...once had one at work...thought about using it for target practice!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! I'm glad your kitty is feeling better.

  4. So gorgeous, Sue! Looks like Mr. Cozy had barely enough arms to hold it high ;>) Poor Smoky....I'm so glad all is well now. We're constantly making sure things that are where our girls can't get into them! So glad to hear you like your Mac!!

  5. Black Velvet is such a lovely quilt! Beautiful! So glad Smoky is ok!

  6. Black Velvet is a FANTASTIC finish! Love the quilting!
    Happy to hear that Smoky is feeling better. It can be frustrating when they become ill and you can't figure out what the problem is.
    Congrats on the new Mac computer... what a fun new toy!

  7. Me again... I forgot to mention that I'm still lovin' the Hampton Ridge blocks... still kicking myself for not jumping on board!

  8. Black Velvet is just stunning. I love how you quilted it, it complements the piecing beautifully.

    I'm glad your cat is now feeling better, even if it is going to mean more housework for you in the future.

  9. Black Velvet is gorgeous! What fabulous quilting, too! So glad that Smoky is feeling better (and that it was an easy cure). After using my iPhone and my iPad so much, I'm beginning to think perhaps I should try a Mac when it comes time to get a new computer.

  10. Your finished quilt is a beauty. Very gender neutral so would be good in any room in the house.
    We need a new computer. Ours is limping. It just takes making a decision to spend the money and which computer.

  11. Great finish! So glad kitty is feeling better.