Monday, June 30, 2014

Wool & Needle handwork & the 4th of July

In the 4th of July mood this week !

I pulled a hamstring a couple of weeks ago so I decided to pull out this Buttermilk Basin wool & needlework handwork MARCH . A girl can not just sit around without some kind of needle work to do ;-)

I prepped all of my pieces Saturday and hubby drove me to the store to pick up the threads and beads  ( bronze small seed beads )I needed.  Sunday I made great progress on this little 8" x 8" piece and plan on finishing it today

This is what it looks like when it is done but I think I am going to add a fabric border to make a little wall hanging. Perfect for my sewing room

This is how I pulled my hamstring :-(   I planted 48 Vinca ground cover plants in my side garden below the deck.  The hill is on a slight slope .  I am glad to say that after 2 weeks it is feeling much better today but still have it on ice and staying off of it today. I need to continue on my Hampton Ridge blocks !  Can't stop now I am so close ;-)

We planted new climbing roses on our front yard trellis last fall and they are doing great.  They are called Orange Crush and have a beautiful bright orange  blooms

As you can see I have tying to the arbor as they grow to train them to climb

Did a little decorating on the front porch

No I did not make this quilt.  I bought  it on Ebay quite a dew years ago and I have it hanging in my sewing room.

 We are going to our Daughter & her hubby's for a family BBQ

What do you have planned for the 4 th of July ???????

Happy Sewing !



  1. What a beautiful wool project!
    Your yard is always so lovely to see, what a beautiful place to sit and stitch!
    Wishing you safe travels this coming holiday weekend!

  2. I really like your wool project!! I bought a wool kit awhile ago but have not tried it yet. Such pretty roses!! Orange Crush is such a great name for them. A very pretty wall hanging! I may have to start looking on Ebay for quilts. I hope you have a wonderful family visit!

  3. That just couldn't be cuter, Sue! No wonder you pulled your hamstring - that was a HUGE project! I hope it heals fast so you can get back to what you love to do! Happy Fourth to you and your Mister!

  4. Such cuteness in that woolie! As always, I love that yard of yours! Have you also been inspired to make Bonnie Hunters Orange Crush quilt to hang amongst those happy roses?

  5. Yikes, heal fast! Your garden looks lovely.

  6. Sweet patriotic piece. I was up in the middle of the night looking for a quick patriotic design to do. I found something I like but it is not a quick project.

  7. Are you sure you didn't pull your hamstring so you could sit around and do some hand wooly sewing??? Just kidding... no one would do that on purpose! I enjoy seeing the pictures of your yard and garden, but please take it easy when doing that yard work! Love your patriotic porch decorations!
    The 4th plans here in Iowa include a small town parade and festival, good grillin' food, and fireworks viewed from the back of my SIL's pick up, on a dirt road outside of the same small town that hosted the parade. Simple, but special!

  8. Your yard is just beautiful! It looks like a great place to spend time. How nice of your husband to take you to get things you needed. That's a cute little wool piece you're working on. Have a happy 4th of July!