Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Progress on Hampton Ridge

I just completed Month #5 of my Hampton Ridge BOM...

Now I have 21 of the 41 blocks completed

Last night I cut all of my fabric for month #6

My goal is to try to make 1 block a day because I still have Month # 7  and  # 8 to make to  get caught  up

It has been  hot here in California these last few days . Fortunately our high has been only 89 here , perfect weather to stay inside drinking my sun tea and sew  :-D



  1. I love the blocks you have completed so far! This is going to be a beautiful quilt!!

  2. I can't believe how far you've gotten on these, Sue! Love your Shasta Daisy - I planted three this year and so far only one has bloomed.

  3. Looks like you're getting closer to being caught up. BOM's can be fun, but so easy to get behind!

  4. Love all your Hampton Ridge blocks ... you're almost caught up! ;-)

  5. Your blocks are beautiful! You are making wonderful progress on this quilt!

  6. I should have done Hampton Ridge blocks but it seems like pieced quilts never get made at my house anymore now that I conquered learning applique. I so like the fabrics in yours blocks. And well done!

  7. Lovely, lovely blocks. They must take some time to complete with so many intricate pieces.

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